Tattoo Studio powered by Kwadron

For a passion combined with a hard work and hardiness there are no definitive limits. Tattoo artists, who we support and those who support our initiative know about it perfectly !


For sure it would not be possible to count the hours, which they spent on improving their skills. So, please, inform your friends,  share the website and tell us about Your tattoo idea! 

We have made an effort to create this parlour, mainly for you to have the opportunity to be the owners of such excellent tattoos as you can only imagine.

So come and take an advantage of this opportunity and drop in to our tattoo shop, to take a look how do we work, and if any of our guests was an inspiration for you - now you can tell him in person!

Kwadron Tattoo Parlour and brand are the results of a pure passion for tattoos and art. From the begining we wanted to develop our products and inspire a positive changes in the environment.
Tattoo studio in Offenbach was created with a purpose. We wanted to give to all madcaps the possibility to be much closer to things that you love.
We derive satisfaction from watching how on your body arise images, created by the masters of this kind of artistic art.

We all have associated with a unique and amazing phenomenon - a tattoo and each of us has done it in a exceptional way, because lasting through life. So let appreciate that we have the courage in ourselves and let's take this opportunity to create an art on our skin.

Kwadron Team